Oh Bahamas Regulation mess, I didn’t miss you

Sounds like these got dropped off in Eleuthera recently and are being distributed around the island.

Eleuthera is a DIY location for the most part. Guides are scarce and many anglers have been heading there for years to ply the waters on their own.

A permit there would be hard to come by (I guess you go to Tracy Auto Parts?). The process isn’t exactly working, really anywhere, and there’s no real sense of who is enforcing this sort of thing. If there IS enforcement for this, why not for gill-nets?

So many questions… so many questions.

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  1. BillinDurham

    It can be difficult to figure out where to buy a permit in the out islands but it isn’t that hard. There’s always at least 1 governmental administration post on practically any island you can get on by air. You find it and purchase an annual pass. Thank the Bahamian government for not passing any draconian measures and DIY to exhaustion.

  2. bonefishbjorn

    It can be difficult. I’ve heard plenty of accounts. The office is closed, the guy you need to buy it from isn’t there and so on. If you come in on a Saturday or Sunday, which plenty of us do, you can’t get a permit, generally. It doesn’t work well.

  3. Jason L. Phillips

    I know this is unlikely, but is it possible to get a permit online?

  4. bonefishbjorn

    As of now, no.

  5. I was just on Abaco and all of the guides were laughing about it.

  6. I fish Eleuthera. Last year I fished with a guide one day and he required I get a permit. They are available at the Gov Harbour Administration building, next to the Haynes Library. I took the clerk 20 minutes to find the form.

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