Orvis and 5 tips for Bones

I almost went to work for Orvis.  It was on the table when the opportunity to work at a software startup came along.  I figured it was a choice between selling Hydros sticks and eventually buying a bunch of them.  I would have liked talking about fly fishing all day.  That wouldn’t have been the worst thing.

I like Orvis.  They have some good sticks and good reels these days.  They also put out some really good web content, like this “Five Secrets You Must Know About Bonefish.”


• Know What Makes Bonefish Tick

Bonefish are predators, but their life is still one of eat or be eaten. If you have ever seen a bonefish do battle with a crab you will be convinced of its determination to eat. Watch a bonefish become alarmed and it is astounding how quickly it will abandon that meal when it senses a threat. A bonefish has a radar array that is controlled primarily by its lateral line. It senses both good and bad vibrations. A shark entering the flat 100 yards away can put down an entire school of bonefish. A crab shuffling its fins into the marl produces a sound that rings like a dinner bell. An angler can see the excitement in the bone by the way its dorsal fin quivers. Often, in this state of tunnel vision, a bonefish can be excited to the point of distraction. A wise angler chooses this moment to make the shot.

photo credit - Andrew Bennett

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  1. Maybe they didn’t tell you, working for Orvis gets you serious discounts! You could have been selling them AND buying as many as you wanted!

  2. bonefishbjorn

    Yeah, but if my current job works out… I could buy A LOT!

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