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The cast was put well past where I expected to find the fish, I didn’t expect a fish in the first couple feet, but that is where it took the fly. When it tore off past me, my eyes went wide. This was a big fish.

I was drifting by myself on one of those big, epic, well-known tailwatater. I was trying to not to get in the way as the guides put their boats in and I was trying just to not mess up backing up with the trailer. I had a day to fish solo because I had taken a two day drive and knocked it off in one day. My family was flying in the next day. This was a day to play, the sort of day I haven’t had in a while.

I had to fish when stopped as I haven’t figured out how to cast to a bank while rowing.

This was one of those spots. I secured the raft and started fishing. It looked promising.

Then… all hell broke loose. The fish exploded past me, moving water with it that let me know this fish had girth.

The second though I had, after “oh shit!” was “I’m going to lose this fish.” I was just sure it was going to come unbuttoned… I mean… don’t most big fish slip off? The longer it goes the the odds start to tip in the fish’s favor.

I honestly couldn’t believe it. I landed the fish in my boat net, got to admire it a bit and let it go.

This was my largest brown to-date. I figure it went between 23″-24″ and was FAT. I’ve caught maybe 5 or 6 larger rainbows, but you just don’t get too many like this. There is an allotment and this was one of those… a special fish.

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  1. Nice fish! Have fun with your fam. Take care!

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