The Sunglasses Refresh

If you fish, you need some shades. That’s a given.

Roughly 95% of everyone seems to have a pair of Costas, and that makes sense. They make a fine pair of sunglasses. I’ve had a few over the years myself.

My current pair is the Rincon and while I like them, the lenses got a bit scratched, so I was looking for an alternative. A look on-line and the price to replace was high so I decided to go cheaper and got a pair of Sunclouds which had a good rating on Amazon.

Well… they sucked. Like, they really sucked. The lenses scratched early and often and pretty much defeated the whole purpose of having a pair of sunglasses. I’m guessing the good rating was thanks to a room full of for-hire reviewers somewhere overseas. These were not good sunglasses. That was not the way.

Because I had looked for sunglasses on-line I got alllllll the targeted ads for sunglasses and some for lens replacement services too (in this case, Fuse). I hadn’t really heard of lens replacement services, but it seemed a pretty good idea. The frames still look great on my Costas and the lenses from Fuse looked good. I could customize exactly what I was looking for at about 1/6th the price.

So, that’s what I did. The customer service from Fuse was SUPER helpful as I would have ordered the wrong size/fit, but they got me sorted out and the lenses arrived in about a week. They took about 30 seconds to install.

Now I have the frames I still like with new lenses that are supposed to be scratch resistant.


The only thing that is weird in the Fuse lens-buying process is the marketing. Now Fuse wants me to “join the community” and for me to start racking up “points.” I just needed new lenses. I’m not looking for a new hashtag and I’m pretty good with my existing community. If I am buying more lenses it would mean the ones I just bought have failed, in which case, I won’t buy more.

That’s it. That’s the post.

(Note, none of this was discounted or free. I think the days of people sending me free stuff has passed as I’m not actively cultivating an on-line following like I might have done a decade ago… now I’m just an aging fart who spends way more time on youth soccer than I do fishing, cuz… life.)

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  1. Nice hack. Let us know how they hold up though I won’t hold my breath, cuz living life with your family is priority. Are your shades glass or polycarbonate?

  2. Polycarbonate. I had a pair of glass costas… and I dropped them in the airport on the way to Cuba and shattered them. Glass might not stand up to my lifestyle.

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