Peterson Spawning Shrimp – TCO Fly Shop

I started thinking about Peterson Spawning Shrimp, a pattern MG mentioned he had tied up in preparation for Andros.  I decided to turn again to my old friend and fly tying teacher, Mr. Yew-toob, to see what he had to say on the subject.

A nice tutorial from the TCO Fly Shop surfaced.  TCO Fly Shop is out of PA.

I gave it a shot… it would help if I had more rabbit that wasn’t orange… so, I’m improvising a bit.


OK… maybe not there yet.

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  1. Killer pattern. I have used River Spirit small bead heads, peacock color…..just melt the end of the mono, a little zap-a-gap,
    and slide the bed down the mono….the color shine seems to pick up light and attract attention…….Dont fear using #2 hooks….big fish eat big bait !

  2. Hey Bjorn, great pattern! You might like to check out the “Y” tube eyes produced by a company called “Eyes-N-Tubes”. They are great because they enable you to add weight to your pattern without compromising the appearance of the eyes or the fly itself.

  3. I’d eat em. Throw some on the barby.

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