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For your viewing pleasure, a guy from TCO Fly Shop casting to and catching a bonefish in Abaco.  You can see in the video that the bone is tagged, turns out they did the tagging. More people helping out the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust… I like it.  Good job TCO Fly Shop!

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  1. Dude, very nice post. Plus the link to the BTT bp oilspill stuff. Conscious, man, conscious.

  2. bonefishbjorn

    Thanks man! Loved the “Taming the Wind” post you did… I was thinking about that today when I took a short time to go get skunked fishing for carp… I need to get that vid.

  3. It has completely changed the way I think about casting. Revolutionary is the only word for it. Do a google search for it and you’ll find it’s only $20 buck or a little more. Not bad for some sweet casting lessons that you can revisit whenever you want!

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