Possibilities – SUP edition

Increased range… getting in places I couldn’t get in before…

If you had one, where would you take it?

I can think of creeks in the Bahamas that I’d love to have this thing on.

I can think of places south of New Orleans I’d be keen to try this out on.

Where would you take this?



  1. On the lakes around here. (Boise, ID)

  2. I do use a SUP occasionally to get into coves and tidal rivers in Maine for striped bass, but it’s not set up well for fishing. I can think of many offshore flats on Cape Cod you can’t wade to but would be easily accessible on a SUP. Also, after my first bonefish trip to the Bahamas, I think a SUP would be an awesome tool to access hard-to-get spots. I was in Cherokee Sound on Abaco and there were endless flats out of reach to my wading feet. Only problem with a SUP was the persistent 15 to 20 mph onshore wind that blew all week. Give me lighter winds and I’m all over it next time.

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