Project GTFO, Day 2

Today, I went down to the McCloud.  This river is sometimes known as the McCrowd and when I got to the end of the road at the Nature Conservancy property it was pretty much spot on.  There were 5 cars parked there (which is a good trick in the first place).  I turned around and went up river a little to start my day on the water.

The water was a little off color… milky, as the McCloud sometimes is. It took me a while to get on the board, but once I did, I began to find fish more or less regularly.  Cast, drift, strike, cast.  It is a repetition that helps move clutter from your mind.

The McCloud continues to be one of the most beautiful places I know of.

Luckily, I caught a few of these… (21, but who is counting?)


Nothing big (I did lose one really nice fish), but it was a great day on the water.  Finished the day throwing for smallies at Lake Siskiyou, adding another 5 fish to the tally (yes, I count… I just always have).

It has been a good trip… some distance, some perspective.  Fishing trips are good for your soul.

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  1. The McCloud is a twelve on a scale of zero to ten.
    Did you camp at Ah-Di-Nah?

  2. It is a fantastic place. I didn’t camp… with my folks in Dunsmuir it is a pretty short drive.

    The McCloud remains one of my favorite places… just so beautiful. The Metolius is the only river that rivals it, I think. Just wish there wasn’t so much Poison Oak.

  3. Amazing what a two day shot off can do for the soul , the body and everything in general. Well done and best of luck in the future

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