Project GTFO, Day 3 – Return Trip

I had my last day on the water, a short session, just a couple of hours.  Landed some fish, including a couple out of a little pocket up against the bank that has been producing for me for YEARS.  Love that little slot.  Made me happy to pull a couple fish out of there.

I fished my favorite spot again today – Prospect Ave. on the Upper Sacramento River.  It is a special place.  I have a long, long history with Prospect.  I remember when there was a bridge at Prospect that got washed away one winter.  I’ll bet not even the Trout Underground can claim they remember it when there was a bridge at Prospect, but there was.

The river is undergoing reverse development.  There are old, abandoned homes along the river and places where bridges have been wiped out, but there aren’t any new homes being build, nor foundations for future bridges.  It does turn the clock back a bit.

I’ve seen this river in high water and low water and in the morning light and in the dark of night.  I’ve had good days and bad days at Prospect, but many, many more good days than bad ones.

I learned to fly fish here.  It is my home water.

If I’m good and the startup I’m at does really well, I might just get to know some bit of tropical flat in the same way that I know this place.  That would be something worth doing.


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  1. “I might just get to know some bit of tropical flat in the same way that I know this place.”
    Couldnt have said it better about a place near where I grew up and learned to fish. Love the title of your three day project. Best of Luck

  2. Thanks for posting the reports. Good to see you back at home on the water…
    Here’s to familiar salt in your future.

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