Well, loyal readers… I have to say that it may be a great long time before I make it out on the flats again.

It seems while I have had a great deal of luck and success in my life, it has not extended over to the institution of marriage.  It also seems that the big D is a lot less lucrative that it appears to be in movies an on TV.  Finances are going to be rather… um… “constrained” for the next while and that makes even airfare to some place that would likely have me come to fish for free still about one plane ticket too expensive.

So, I’m going to need to rely on you… you lucky bastards that are going to be wetting a line in the next 8-12 months.  Send me your photos, tell me your stories and let’s pool our collective experiences to keep this blog a bit more personal than just links to and about the elusive and beautiful bonefish.

You can always reach me at

I look forward to your stories.

I will also accept plane tickets to places that would have me come and fish for free. 😉

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  1. Sorry about the divorce, Bjorn. Even when it’s the right thing for everyone, it’s still not fun to go through. How ironic that many guys can’t go fishing b/c of their wives, and in your case, you’re splitting with your wife, but still can’t fish. Bummer.

  2. Sorry for your troubles Bjorn. Wishing you all the best there can be in a bad situation.

  3. kevin carmichael

    If you’d consider some other sight-fished species I will try to contribute.

  4. Hi Bjorn,

    I’ll open by offering my sincere condolences. I sort of felt in my stomach that something was afoot. Your posts this last year or so were extremely “pro” your sweetheart of a daughter, parents, friends,family and everything else ” Bonefishy”…yet talk of your wife was markedly absent. You depicted an un-understanding wife in your little animated production where you and she were having an exchange about the virtues and addiction of bonefishing prior to your GBI adventure (enjoyed that despite the warning flags). Obviously, she didn’t “get it”, nor do most folks for that matter I might add. You look like a young guy and thusly there’s plenty of time for you to bounce back from this and truly chase your dream. Keep sharing your passion with your daughter…all the while, searching for you own “Joan Wulff”. A partner in life that not only loves you for who you are…(elipse again) but shares your passion for fly fishing, tailing bones and Caribbean brewed beers. Do your best to turn a negative into a positive. Try to remain friends with your ex-spouse (for your daughters sake…and yours), only good can come from it!. I’ve seen bitter “D’s” absolutely destroy more than a few good friends. So much so, that I didn’t even want to talk to them any more because they were so negative about everything and seemingly tried to drag me down with them. I believe you get the jist of what I’m saying.

    Best of luck my friend…”chin up” and by all means, keep Blogging!

    Finest of regards and best wishes for you and all involved,

    Henry Will

  5. Thanks for that.

    I am turning this into a positive. I’ve embraced the world of possibilities that this means for me.

    It is going to be a little bumpy here for a month or two, but in the end, this is going to be a really good thing for me and everyone involved.


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