Reason #4 – New Zealand Rock Snot Whirling and more

I’ve been without internet for a couple days… I’ll be back live tomorrow, but… in the meantime… Reason #4 that bonefishing is better than trout fishing.  😉

The angler emerged from the car with the sound of the river playing like his personal theme music.  Eagerly he grabbed his rod, already strung up from fishing earlier in the day and headed off toward new water, fabled water and with is first step into those cool, clear, storied waters… he totally screwed up the entire ecosystem for generations to come… maybe forever. On this prick’s wet wading boots were a cocktail of invasive organisms potent enough to bring low the mightiest of rivers… Rock Snot, New Zealand Mud Snails and Whirling Disease.

There goes the neighborhood and with it another reason why the salt is best.

Reason #4 Invasives Suck.

Uff da, as my dad would say.


PS – if you don’t get that this is tongue in cheek… it is.

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  1. Unrelated to the post, but I found kalik in a liquor store in Gainesville, Florida today. Thought you’d like to know!


  2. Yes… that is VERY interesting. I’ve heard that there is some Silver Label Kalik being sold in a few states. Oh Kalik… how I miss you.

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