Releasing bonefish

Deneki just put up a really important post about catch and release angling for bonefish.

On my first bonefishing trip the guide made sure we got lots of hero shots… every fish was held up for the grip and grin.  If you are new to bonefishing, you might not see much wrong with that.  Trout, after all, can be held out of the water for longer than you’d think, with still really high survivability.

Bonefish live in an environment where their speed is their best defense.  It is drastically different from the world of a trout.  You release a trout that is a bit dazed and it can recover.  You release a bonefish that is a bit dazed and it is on the menu for sharks and cudas.

You might not SEE the fish die, like that trout that goes belly up, but the odds are, if the bonefish is dazed at all when it gets released, it will likely die.

So… snap the picture of the fish IN the water if you can.  When you have enough pics, just let the fish go without the photo.

Drop the Grip and Grin and the fish will live to fight another day.

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