Uff da

Uff da.

I try really hard to keep things here slanted toward the world of bonefish, even if my every day existence is really not too bonefishy.  Sometimes I fail.

Today, my trusty Xterra blew a head gasket.

This car has taken me to many, many fishy places, mostly in California and Oregon.  A 9 foot rod can be put in the car without being broken down.  The roof in the rear is full of flies broken off before I put the rods away and stored there, just in case.  This car could make the trip down the dirt road to Ah Di Nah in 15 minutes, regardless of road conditions.  It had great clearance so I could go over rocks, not around them.  This was a great fishing vehicle.

More recently, the right side passenger window has accumulated a rather impressive layer of Trader Joe’s stickers.  There are very small socks strewn about the floor of the back seat, along with discarded Goldfish crackers, wet wipes, hair clips and used tupperware containers.

The car, like myself, has lived many lives.  This, however, may be the end.

When the bills start coming in, I tend to think of them in terms of trips, rods or plane tickets.

This little adventure through automotive hell is likely going to = 4 plane tickets.  Four plane tickets = 2 trips to Belize = 4 new 8 wts = 8 less expensive 8 wts.

Having said all that, I’m going to go tie some flies… I’m filling up my fly boxes for Belize and El Pescador.  I’ve got a lot of Legless Merkins and need to add several more regular Merkins.

I could buy flies… but I really enjoy catching fish on flies I’ve tied.  There is something immensely satisfying about that.

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