Respect the Fish… a plea for glory shots

Anglers all over the world do this… doesn’t matter if you are fishing for trout or bonefish… folks do it when the camera gets pulled  out… they hold the fish out as  close to the camera as possible.  This little trick of perspective makes the fish look bigger, of course.  Who doesn’t wish the fish they caught was bigger?

Don’t be this guy.

Here’s my issue… I feel like this is disrespecting the fish.  Don’t do this.  The fish you caught is the fish you caught… you likely worked hard for it, were excited about it and wanted to capture it in all its pixelated glory.  So, don’t go and try to get the picture to lie for you.  Respect the fish.  You don’t have to kiss it, or take it out for coffee or lie to it about those jeans really making its butt look big… just hold up the fish you caught and get the photo and let the thing go.

Or this guy…

Don’t you feel a little more honest when you snap a picture that doesn’t try to stretch the fish through illusion? If you hold that fish up, straining to get it closer to the lens, it calls your word into question.  Well, if you were trying to make a 20″ fish look like a 24″ fish, was  your 7 fish day really a 5 fish day?

Respect the fish.

Be this guy. Respect the fish.

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  1. is he smoking? ..does he take the butt back home? every single time?? cigars are one thing but cigs are always on the beach and in the water…thats what I think when I see that picture

  2. He is smoking… nothing like being out there on the flats, amidst the beauty… the fresh salt air… what a time to light a cig… the fish picture is good, but the guy very well may still be a tool.

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