Beer Blog and Belize

It is just a simple truth that many of life’s best things start with “B.”  Bonefish, of course… bacon, butter, blues, BBQ’s and Beer.

It is also true that some beers can bring a sense of place with them.  For me, Moose Drool Brown Ale will transport me back to Montana and Kalik will make me think of the Bahamas.

Belinkin of Belize

I found Captain Keith’s Beer Blog where he draws the connection between a bonefishing trip he took and Belikin Beer, the beer of place of Belize (which also starts with B, reaffirming my initial comment that good things start with B).

I was surprised, upon really looking into it, that there is no Bonefish brand of beer.  There are a host of great trout themed beers out there.  So, I call on bonefishing brewers to get busy and bring us a Bonefish brand beer.

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