Richard Leaves Belize With Millions of Dollars In Damages

Well, I hope the folks down there at El Pescador are doing OK in the wake of Richard coming through like Keith Richards through an expensive hotel room.

Power got knocked out, while houses on stilts were blown away in the city after Hurricane Richard made a landfall south of the the City of Belize Sunday night.

via Hurricane Richard Weakens, Leaves Belize With Millions of Dollars In Damages | Golf Talk.

We don’t have to deal with that kind of stuff here in CA… earthquakes, sure… massive forest fires, OK… but Hurricanes? Not so much.

Hurricanes are a reason that the over-development that is either on the doorstep of Ambergris  (or somewhere in the living room) is important.  The mangroves, as I understand it, help absorb the force of the storms… they buffer.  When you screw with that perfect and time-tested system, well… you lose even more habitat, you lose the prey, you lose the fish and you lose the fishery.

So… put that bulldozer away and sail that dredge into deep water for an artificial reef and I hope the hurricane shutters worked.

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  1. Amen, Brother!

    It wasn’t really that big of a storm….Imagine what it would look like if it was a CAT 4 or 5?

  2. Yeah, it seemed like a pretty modest storm… CAT 1… a CAT 4 or 5 would have been bad (and might have killed off my fishing trip). Seems like they avoid most of the big storms down that far south.

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