Scott’s most memorable fish

Yeah… this is a pretty interesting story… covered in tarpon crap in a sinking kayak on the West Side of Andros. That sort of experience might stand out and it goes down as Scott’s most memorable fish.

I realized that an 8 wt. was not the right rod for this size of fish. 
I realized that I had stupidly left this big fish no room to retreat
and I realized that I was going to get hit… hard… and it was going to hurt.

A pretty great piece.


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  1. Great Story. Write it all down in a diary or a shot story. Hard copy. The whole trip, planning to the final beer. Write this for your grandchildren. They will greatly appreciate this when you are out fishing in the great ocean. Trust me.


  2. Hmmm… Fantastic story and I’d have loved to experience something like that (not covered in mosquitos) but it shows the essential flaw in most fishermen thinking with their rod rather than their head. Greed. My deep sea buddies are always asking me to go deep sea fishing and I think about pulling on all that meat with a huge rod for 1-2 hours and will decline. I’ve seen videos of fishermen getting a bill into the eye/head/chest… Match the rod with the quarry. I think Scott could have predicted what was going to happen! Keep up the good work Bjorn.

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