3 ways to catch more bonefish, from Deneki

More wisdom from Deneki… this time it is 3 Ways to Catch More Bonefish.

What is tip #2?

Hint… I’m doing it right.

Photo by Cameron Miller down at Andros South.

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  1. wearing nothing on your feet! 😀

  2. Ding Ding Ding… we have a winner! Yup, barefoot is the way to go. You can feel the line under your feet which will help you not stand on it while making a cast or letting line out if you hook a fish.

  3. Tip #4. Make lots of money so you can take more trips to bonefish lodges. The only real tip guaranteed to help you catch more.

  4. Well, you have a point there Pete. I’ll get to work on that right away.

  5. pay more attention to the small details and do not believe everything you read.

  6. I believe everything I read, even your comment to not believe everything I read. And… my head just exploded.

  7. Looking at this from the opposite direction, one of the most common things I see (hear) people do that decreases the number of bonefish they catch is (drum roll, please) …. making way too much noise in the boat. From dropping the deck and ice chest lids; clunking their reels down; clomping around in wading boots or deck shoes; and tossing fly boxes and gear bags onto the deck. Banging the deck or hull of a flats skiff is the equivalent of shouting at a herd of pronghorns across the valley.

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