Shark Love

Maybe it is that my girl loves sharks, maybe it is that they are a fish and I love fish. Either way, I’ve found myself more and more interested in sharks. Sharks of all kinds. The local sharks we catch from the pier, the sharks I see on the flats and the sharks from far away I likely will never see, I am interested in them all. I think that is a growing part of what I like about fly fishing in the salt, seeing and sharing the water with shark.

My daughter turns, gulp, 8 here soon and we are having a shark themed birthday. I’ll be making a whale shark cake and shark fin cupcakes (not made with real shark fins). My girl has a decal of a whale shark in her room and shark teeth in abundance.

Sharks are an indicator of the health of the ecosystem. It is a sign that prey is nearby, and bonefish are prey. A flat devoid of sharks is often a flat you don’t want to be fishing.

Anyone else enjoy sharing the flats with the more toothy fish?





  1. As long as it’s not a bull shark

  2. Dying to fish for sharks from a kayak. My wife is not as excited about it!

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