My new flat

We have relocated Bonefish on the Brain World HQ to the beach. That beach is on Alameda in the Bay Area. Just 100 feet away is a a hard sand flat… a massive flat, and there are no bonefish anywhere to be seen.

I have wondered if there is something out there, but it seems unlikely. Stripers come through, but I doubt they’d get that shallow, and this isn’t the season for them anyway. There could be some flounder, but I doubt they’d push much water. I went out this AM with my one year old on my shoulders just to see the water. It was glassy, dark, full of birds dipping up and down on the surface of the water. I don’t think I’m going to see a wake out there, the V of a fish moving.

I want to see it… I’ll keep looking for it. Who knows.

Alameda Flat



  1. Welcome to the Bay Area. Fishing sucks here. Maybe bass on fly in the Delta, which is kind of like the Everglades if you squint your eyes really hard.

  2. Yeah, the move was from Fremont, so I’m familiar with the crappy fishing options for the fly. C’est la vie. That’s why I’ve taken up the gear and bait fishing with my daughter. Not much chance of catching something otherwise.

  3. Maaaaaybe there’s a shark or two on the flat. Perhaps flounder or sole. Though none are really an option for a fly rod unless your main goal is to work out your right arm.

  4. I want it to happen. I can’t imagine it actually happening, but I think there are fair odds I end up out there at some point with a fly rod, flogging the water in vain.

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