Shark Week – The Lemon

So, it is Shark Week.  In honor of Shark Week, I thought I’d post up something about my good friend from South Andros, the Lemon Shark.  I hung out with a lot of Lemons in Andros.  They were everywhere.

Bastard of the flats... the Lemon.

I'm pretty sure this one was a Lemon too, although this was Grand Bahama, a year earlier.

OverviewLemon sharks may dive up to 1,300 feet when searching for food, but usually they are found near shore areas at depths closer to 295 feet. Their unusual coloration sets them apart from most other sharks. “Lemon” refers to their light brown, yellow-tinged skin. It provides good camouflage for the sharks, which like to rest over the sandy bottoms of shallow water regions. From a distance, it is hard to tell where the sand ends and the shark begins. One clue might be the presence of small reef fishes, such as wrasses, which gather around this shark to pick off parasites from its gills and skin. This species is most commonly found in the Caribbean, but it also exists in the western and eastern Atlantic and eastern Pacific from southern Baja California to Ecuador.

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  1. kevin carmichael

    Headed to San Diego today, fishing for Makos and Blues on Tuesday…kids are very excited….”Hey Dad we are fishing for sharks during Shark Week”.

  2. Love lemons and all sharks. Sharks & barras= bonefish hangouts

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