Silver Kings on TV

I was happy to be shown a link to “Silver Kings.” This is… well… let them tell you:

Silver Kings is a Docu-Style, Outdoor show about two fly-fishing captains and their clients competing in tarpon tournaments in Islamorada, Florida. Filmed during the tarpon migration, the show exposes the visual beauty of Islamorada and the fast action of fly-fishing for tarpon in the most unique fishing environment in the US… the Florida Keys.

Yeah, that.

The odds of me fishing a tournament are right up there with the odds of me winning America’s Top Model. I’m just not out there, I don’t have that kind of free cash sitting around and I don’t have the vacation time. I’m a west coaster, too, and we generally don’t go in for the tournaments, but I’ve always been kind of curious about what they are and how the look from the inside. This show gives that insider look.

There are two guides in the program, Bou Bosso and Rob Fordyce. I’ve heard Rob’s name passed around by folks as he’s a long time Keys guide with a good reputation. Seeing him on the show… dear god, the man is built like a tank and looks like an MMA fighter.

If you like tarpon or the Keys or have ever been curious about what a tournament looks like from the inside, you should check this out.


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  1. Was invited to fish in the Salty Fly fly fishing tournament this past March & found it to be really interesting. It’s the largest fly fishing only tourney in the world with 200 participants. It was very well organized and was totally functional being strictly catch & release. Weather was tough & conditions were brutal but still managed to finish 15th & apparently will be invited back for 2015 so we’ll see. I’ve never considered myself to be a “tournament” fly fisherman, but never say never.

  2. The Salt Fly tournament seems like a fun event and I’d likely know the most people there. It sounds like a good time, but 200 participants might put a bit too much pressure on the resource. I’m torn.

  3. Great fun: yes. Well organized: yes. Stupendous prizes: yes, from the best names in the business. Too much pressure on the resources: I guess that’s open to interpretation. If there were a salt water fly fishing tournament in the SF Bay Area and the rules were you had to be at the registration desk at 6:00 am to receive your chip for photographs & had to return by 3 pm or be disqualified. Now where the rules permitted you to fish were the entire bay from Stockton to San Jose to the Golden Gate AND could run outside as far north as Bodega Bay & as far south as Santa Cruz, just as long as you returned to the registration desk by 3:00 pm, would 100 boats put too much pressure on the bay for nine hours? I couldn’t honestly tell you. What I do know is this tournament opened my mind up to the fact that there are other aspects to the sport of fly fishing. We all can’t be so lucky as to stand in the Upper Sac catching trout at Mossbrae Falls.

  4. The Salt Fly in particular sounds like a very good time. There are a lot of folks I know, casually, in an internet sort of way, that fish that tournament and I’d likely put more names with faces there than anywhere else.

    Hell, I wish I were so lucky as to be in the Upper Sac catching trout. Have not been up that way in months and likely won’t. Wife’s new job and a couple of kids and it just seems a bit too difficult to pull off. Sadly.

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