Simple at the Vice

Have you ever said to yourself “Man, I’d tie a Gotcha but it is just too hard!”

Yeah, me either.

Still, time is wasted as you switch between different materials and the single material fly is a cinch to tie.

Enter the Sweet Ernie.  Found in the e-pages (i-pages if you are reading this on a mac) of Fly Fishing in Saltwaters, the Sweet Earnie is hook, eyes, thread and single material.

Photo grace a Fly Fishing in Salt Waters.

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  1. I love this fly! It’s so easy to tie and quite effective!!!!

  2. It seems like a REALLY easy fly… do you just fish it in the pink or any other colors?

  3. I’ve only used just the pink, but they like it for some reason. Last time, I only took one with me to the Keys and it got pretty torn up – good thing I had my vice with me…..

  4. Capt Dave Cargile

    Hey Guys,
    I created this fly and I fish it in pink, white, green and brown. I agree with Rob that they seem to just like the pink, but I have also had success with the other colors…particularly the light brown.

  5. Hey Capt. Dave, thanks for checking in. That’s gotta be one of the easiest ties out there. I’ve only tied up a couple, but will have more for my next trip… whenever that’s going to be!

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