Skinny Water Culture Fest

Saw this and had to share it.

Vince Stegura
Me and @derek_rust after he put me on my 1st #bonefishonfly. That’s Bonefish slime in my beard. I’m never washing it out. #skinnywaterculture. Photo by @tex_chris_lewis
Skinny Water Culture

Skinny Water Culture

These three guys (including Chris who took the picture) are all pretty cool stories. I fished once with Derek out here in CA in a search for surf perch. He moved to FL to pursue his dream of being a flats guide (he was a trout guide in Tahoe) and now he is. Vince is one of the dreamers behind Skinny Water Culture, which is one of my favorite clothing companies out there for their unique designs and dedication to those that love the skinny water. I’ve actually met Chris Lewis too, in the Miami airport. He was pretty new to FL at that point but since then he has pretty much crushed it and has put out some great little video clips and pictures of all that FL has to offer.

It puts a smile on my face to see people getting after it and getting there.


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