The Cliff Crab Shack and Bjorn Fly Give Away

OK… I think I know what we are going to do to give away the Cliff’s Crab Shack box that Cliff Outdoors gave me. First, I need to fill it with flies. My target # is 24. I’ll update over the coming weeks to show you how the box is coming along.

Once it is all filled and ready for you to go catch some fish I’ll put up a new post with the completed box and you will need to comment with one thing that happened on a fishing trip (preferably bonefishing, but it doesn’t have to be). Just one random thing. Anything. Sticking to random, I’ll choose a random winner and send this box off to them.

So, in the immortal words of Eric Cantona, “Watch this space.”

This is where the flies go.

This is where the flies go.

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  1. Are you soliciting flies to fill the box with or are you tying all the flies yourself. Are they all bonefish flies or other types of flies?

  2. These will be tied by me and they will all be bonefish flies… maybe a permit, tarpon or cuda fly might find its way in the mix.

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