Skinny Water Culture Vid

Pretty cool little vid over at the Skinny Water Culture blog.

Needless to say… I like it.

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  1. First – nice video. Now to cut to the chase – I hate to be the killjoy, but c’mon guys, let’s see some responsible bonefish handling techniques.

  2. bonefishbjorn

    It is kind of hard to find… I have posts scheduled through next Tuesday as I start my new job today. I’ll try to make the next week “bonefish handling” week… look for good examples of people out in the field doing it right. Feel free to shoot me some examples.

  3. Aaron, the video was made by my partner with SWC, Chase, and the guy handling the fish was definitely put on blast for the way the fish was mishandled. He is a very resposnible angler and I think his nerves just got a hold of him there. I have fished with him and know that he is c & r primarily and handles fish appropriately. I will probably be just as nervous when I handle my 1st Bone.

  4. Wait, didn’t all the fish come out of the water there? Not really necessary, breda’s. Barbless, hook out, pet on head, later boney.

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