May 11

One of the best bars anywhere…

It just so happens that there’s a great local bar at the put in. It’s commonly know as the ‘Little Creek Bar’ even though its real name is the ‘New Ocean View’. The Sands family runs the bar, and yes, that is indeed the clan of our legendary guide Josie Sands.

via Little Creek Bar | Local Bar at Andros South.

Yeah… it’s a nice place… a very nice place.  It isn’t really too fancy (or fancy in any way, shape or form).  It is right where you want a bar though… right at the put-in/take-out down there in South Andros.

Those beers taste extra good, somehow.

A beer at the end of the day... nice.

Photo by Cameron.

PS – Today is my first day on the new job… Business Development Manager at Whodini.  I’m guessing there will be fewer co-workers walking around in their underpants than in my last job as a stay-at-home dad… I hope, at least.


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May 11

Skinny Water Culture Vid

Pretty cool little vid over at the Skinny Water Culture blog.

Needless to say… I like it.

Mar 11

The lights of Andros

The pictorial report will be up in a while, but I wanted to share a little bit of magic I saw tonight here in Andros.

I went out tonight after dinner to the little jetty at Andros South in search of ‘Cuda’s.  I didn’t fine them.  What I did find, however, where a couple hundred phosphorescent green flashbulbs going off in the water.

I don’t know what they were.

They weren’t there long.

They were beautiful.

Flash, flash, flash.  Green little lights that lit up and then faded away all over the water for a hundred feet.

It just doesn’t get much better than that, bonefish or no bonefish.  This is a special place.

Jan 11

Harmonic Convergence – Andros 2011

A small miracle has occurred here… I’m not sure who gets the credit for it towards sainthood.  I may be my wife and that would make three in her favor… the first was her marrying me, the second was her making it through a sucky pregnancy to give us our beautiful daughter and this third one involves her signing off on me going on a fishing trip, for a week, to South Andros this coming March (that’s like… only TWO MONTHS AWAY).  I await word from the Catholic Church on the beatification of my wife, although we are not Catholic.

Fractional miracle credit goes to my parents, who are actually available to come down and watch our their granddaughter in my absence, and to the good folks at Deneki Outdoors, who extended the invite as part of FIBFest 2011.

Everything had to align and it did.  Thanks to that, I’ll be headed to Andros Island, fabled land of incredible bonefishing, come late March.

You good folks will get to come along (not literally, of course) and I look forward to the build up.  It is so nice to have something out there to look forward to, to plan, to tie for, to experience and then remember.

I’m lucky and I live with a saint.

FIBFest 2010... which I had to miss.

More details will be emerging in the days to come.


Dec 10

What Santa Brought Me (and Santa’s name is Bob)

So… my dad went in to the local fly shop and it turns out someone had come in recently and given Bob (the owner) a big box of saltwater flies.  Bob is more into prince nymphs and BWO’s and he just gave my dad the whole box to give to me.

I did the count last night… 1,048 flies… cockroaches, bendbacks, clousers, bonefish critters, bendbacks… dozens and dozens and dozens.

That there is a lot of flies... a LOT of flies.

I have a feeling I’ll be giving a fair number away to you good folks, but if someone wants a couple hundred flies in exchange for an old Galvan Torque or Nautilus… well… just say’n.

Hope Santa got you some nice gear, or, better yet, some air travel vouchers so you can go visit Butch, or Lori-Ann or Andrew.

Nov 10

Nautilus NV Ten-Eleven… sweetness

I got the loaner from Nautilus in the mail… what a sweet package to open up.  The NV Ten-Eleven is intended for Tarpon, a species I have never even cast to.  I’ve seen one “in the wild” in a cenote south of Cancun, but I’ve never fished for one… although, if the California Academy of Sciences is game to let me try, I’m up for trying.

The Nautilus NV is just a beautiful piece of fishing hardware… it has a Cork/Carbon Fiber (CCF) drag and is capable of stopping a Super Carrier.

Nautilus NV 10-11

I hope to put this thing to the test on a nice Tarpon down in Belize… that would not suck.

I’ve ordered the Rio Tarpon line with the Camo Tip to go on this bad boy.  I can’t wait to get this bit of fly fishing awesomeness into action.

Apr 10

Introducing, Fly Tying Station 5000

I’m looking forward to this…

This is going to be good.

With most of my tying materials semi-organized in those binders, and a desk that can simply be closed up, as opposed to taken out to the garage, I’m thinking I’m entering a new era in my personal fly tying history.


At Frank’s suggestion, I’m putting up my old fly tying station… I’ll call it the Fly Tying Station Sub-Alpha.

The best money can buy.

Now you can see exactly why I’m so up on this upgrade.