Some NICE bones, somewhere in the South Pacific

I saw this tweeted recently and had to share… I’m not sure where these guys are… somewhere serviced by the airline from the Cook Islands, which gives me an idea or two, but not knowing is what these guys were looking for.  A few very, very nice bonefish in there.  Looks like a DIY adventure.

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  1. Yea, you’re a hero NOW put the fish back in the water!

  2. Aitutakiflyfish

    It was Aitutaki and they were here a few months ago.

  3. Beautiful fish, but I wonder how they got the sand out of their reels after they picked them up off the bottom?

  4. I guessed that might be where they were.

  5. True… There was a little excessive fish holding going on.

  6. I agree guys – imagine sprinting for 100 yards or more and then having someone cutting off your oxygen supply. Nice fish, nice scenery, but have some respect for the fish — don’t suffocate them.

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