Spring Break is not my friend

Travel… I love BEING in wonderful places, but I really don’t like paying for it. Probably should have joined the Navy to see all those places for free! (Yes, I know it isn’t for free, folks pay an awful price to see some of those places)

Well, I didn’t and now I have to pay.  Paying is one thing, but paying over the odds is another.  That is what happens when you book a trip for the dates that happen to also be Spring Break.

A flight to Mexico just went down for $681.  WTF.

I’m unhappy about that.  How does Mexico all of a sudden cost more than a trip to Hawaii?

I guess that’s the price of fame and glory.

(Flight is up $50 since I booked)

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  1. I’ll be on the flats at Punta Allen in 2 weeks. Cant wait to get in the water. Also have two days on Cozumel with Alex Euan, even better than Punta Allen

  2. The Mexico flight includes private security or do you get issued a M-16?? Aii caramba!!

  3. Yeah, I feel ya. Heading down to the Caribbean (various and unspecified) and even though I’m leaving early, I’m returning w/ the spring break crowd. You don’t even want to know what it’s costing me. I will say that if you double your Mexico deal you’ll be in the ballpark. WTF is right.

  4. Seriously a problem!! I run Fly Fish Guanaja and my friends trying to visit me at the end of March are now looking at 1200 to Roatan instead of 700—Bullshit!!! We need our own jet, any body have one??

  5. Also, had dream last night there were bonefish in the bathtub, big ones!

  6. Sadly, I don’t have a jet of my own. INJUSTICE!

  7. Bonefish in the bathtub? I know why you are having vivid dreams!
    There are bonefish IN your brain!

  8. Steve,
    I’d advise you to seek help, my friend, but speaking from experience it’s already too late for you.

  9. for the second year in the row, I am denied a week of bonefishing by absurd flight prices…

  10. Well, screw Mexico! All they send is dope and violence. Spend your money in the Keys, it’s cheaper, the fish are bigger and the guides speak English!

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