Klout doesn’t understand fly fishing

Maybe some of you know Klout.  Maybe you don’t.

Klout is supposed to measure, in some objective way, your on-line influence.  The higher the score, the more influential you are. Justin Bieber has a perfect Klout score of 100. Alec Baldwin has a 77, Glenn Beck 66, Steve Martin 77, Guy Kawasaki 81, Bill Gates 75 and so on.

Now… in fly fishing, it appears that my Klout score of (currently) 57 makes me the most influential person IN THE WORLD! (you have to imagine an evil laugh when you read that last part, as if this were part of my plan for world domination)

Actually, as I poke around, it looks like Kirk Werner is also on 57.

I’m going to go ahead and say that this is probably not the actual state of the on-line fly fishing world.

Here are a few people that should likely be ahead of me.

Moldy Chum – 46

Fiberglass Manifesto – 52

Deneki/Andrew Bennett – 43

Trout Underground – 37

So, while it is fun to see everyone’s scores and to rib some of my friends in a competitive way, I don’t know that it really reflects the world.  I’m wondering exactly how I ended up coming out on top and I can’t really figure it out.  Klout scores don’t even track blog traffic on self-hosted sites, so this is more about Facebook, Twitter and Google+, as opposed to how the blog actually does.

Clearly, if Bonefish  on the Brain was a stock, it would be time to sell on the bubble before it pops!




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  1. Doesn’t surprise me at all. You are one of the few that are simply promoting the sport in general without actually trying to sell us something.

  2. Damn… I knew I should try to sell something!

  3. That would only reduce your “Klout”.

  4. Once Klout suggested I was influential about “hippies” because I mentioned them once in a blog post, I was done. I like the idea of Klout, but they have some work to do.

  5. You have KLOUT because you just get so excited about bone fishing! No dollars in the game. Don’t lose it just keep fishing!

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