Stay safe out there

UPDATED: Heard from El Pescador, Tulum Fly Fishing and Pesca Maya (Punta Allen) and it looks like everyone rode out the storm just fine.  Good news all around.


Ah… storm season.  The first storms of the season are making landfall around the Caribbean. Ernesto is currently hitting near Punta Allen (probably passed on by the time you all read this). Of course, as someone set to have their honeymoon in Belize in September, I’m kind of hoping for a brief and light Hurricane Season, but you don’t really get to call these sorts of things.

Here is the latest facebook update from El Pescador in Belize:

Hi Friends – Thank you for all of your emails and calls. We are still open for business and have not closed nor evacuated. My family, our staff and guests are here on property and all of the guides are safe at their homes in town. We are almost complete all of our storm preparations – but are hoping for the best. The storm is tracking north of us and should make landfall around 75 miles north of us (north of Mahujal, Mx). Since the strongest winds are only 15 miles out from the center – we are hopeful that we will be far enough away from the circulation. It is dead clam right now – guests are wading up and down the beach for bones. I will send an update tomorow as soon as we receive the “all clear.” Have a great night! Talk soon.

So, stay safe out there and I hope this doesn’t screw up anyone’s fishing (or honeymoon!).



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    Israel ‘Bonefish Folley’ Rolle Passes
    The subject of local children songs and beloved ambassador of the country, legendary Bahamian guide Israel ‘Bonefish Folley’ Rolle has passed away. Boasting clients as diverse as Ernest Hemingway, U.S. President Richard Nixon, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (among many others), Rolle was a master of his trade and is remembered fondly for his “Bahamian Hospitality,” genuine care for people, respect for the bonefish he loved to chase, and standard for excellence.

    As he would say, “You must know how to catch the fish that is hard to catch.”

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