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Cheeky Fly Fishing has just launched a full lineup of reels, expanding from their previous two offerings. These look pretty interesting and the look itself is pretty unique.

Lightweight, dynamic, and tough, this lineup over delivers on performance and provides anglers with Cheeky’s signature style. “The lineup boasts five sizes of reels, each incorporating the same design philosophy,” says co-founder Pete Crommett. “Our philosophy can be described using one word: simple.”

The Mojo 425 is the bonefish-suitable reel and at $380 it stays away from the extreme ends of the price range. I’m curious about these reels, especially after my “It’s the Reel” post a few weeks ago.

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  1. Oooo… only $380, and the colors are bright and shiny. Nice. I’ve been interested in these reels but they seemed 1) slightly heavy to me, and 2) expensive. However, I suppose that was their other offering that was in the $450 range — a little steep for bones, I think you’ll agree. I’ll have to check them out again… wonder if they come in that awesome chartreuse like the other ones?

  2. Yeah, the styling of the reels makes them either something you like, or something you hate. It isn’t a middle-ground product. I like the style, but have yet to hold one. I’d say they are more than I’d want to pay, but if you look around, it is a pretty good price. The Nautilus NV is about $680, the F1 from Ross is $550… so, not too bad.

  3. All I see here is a cop out. Looks like these guys just went against everything they stood for. The first Mojo was amazing, superior quallity, but this, my god it looks like I went to Toys R’ Us!! First off it doesn’t say anyway about made in the U.S.A so thats why its so cheap now! So all I see is a company that sold out! Coun’t me out, I’m getting an abel.

  4. Hmmm… well, I am unsure what they sold out about. They just made some reels and want to sell them. Maybe I’ve missed something.

  5. They were completely for MADE IN THE USA. Now they outsourced. Their entire new line is not made in the USA. Plus from looking at the new reels compared to the first mojo it is night and day between the quallity. You can tell the use of cheaper materials, for example, they got rid of carbon fiber in there drag, went to a conical drag system, no more titianium shaft, I see nothing about high grade bearings, and I the one way clicker is gone….

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