SWC Pace Setting – Bahamas

See, this is why I put the Skinny Water Culture Blog in the Top of the Heap category. These guys are simply crushing it. They have found a core of solid guys (a couple of whom I know a little bit, which is fun) and they are giving them pretty much free reign to post up about what they are doing… and what they are doing is catching fish and living the lifestyle that SWC was born to represent.

Damn fine work.

Chris Lewis in the Bahamas

Two days ago I stood knee deep on one of the prettiest flats I have ever seen. The flat had little patches of grass, coral and the sand was pristine. The only person in sight was my wife who was laying on the beach a few hundred yards away.

Chris, rocking the Bahamas

Chris, rocking the Bahamas

Chris loves the Bahamas. That’s understandable. I do too and I can’t wait for my next Bahamian adventure.

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  1. Dude, Thanks a lot Bjorn for the shout out!!! Hit me up before your trip.

  2. I will do. Great report. You are putting out some top shelf stuff.

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