Swimsuits and Dead Bonefish

I don’t get Sports Illustrated and so I don’t get the oh so sporty Swimsuit Edition. While at my folks’ place over the weekend I managed to glimpse at the SE from SI (for the articles) and I stumbled upon this gem from a Bahamas photo shoot.

Hey, what do you have in the net there? Wait… what the… THAT’S A DAMN BONEFISH! Bastards!

Ugh. Really SI?  Really? You need a fish for that very plausible set up you have going on there and you get a dead bonefish for that?  There are a lot of fish around there and you couldn’t get a snapper or jack or something? You had to kill a bonefish for that very educational bit of sports related journalism?

I’m not a fan.

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  1. wait a minute….. there is a fish in that picture? where? oh I see MMM yes the outrage!

  2. On the other hand, depending upon where they were, a bonefish might have been the fish that the fishery could most stand to lose. I’ve been places where the snapper, jacks, snook, cudas, grouper and other more tasty fish were captured to near extinction. Yet, there were massive schools of smallish bonefish cruising around easily mistaken for mullet. I’m not condoning the killing of a fish just for a mag photo. Just pointing out that the other fishes are often even more endangered than the flyfisherman’s favored bonefish and tarpon. Hopefully they got that fish from the local market and after the shoot it was made into some fishballs.

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