Permit, with Yellow Dog

I know those Yellow Dog guys are kind of crazy for permit. I have yet to come down with that particular bug. Everyone tells me that I really should be crazy for permit and maybe someday I will be, but for now, I still have bonefish on the brain (and a bit of an interest in tarpon).

People will go to great lengths to chase after permit. It seems to be a deeper sort of infection. It would have to be. Permit make bonefish look plentiful and crazily easy. Permit anglers are destined to fail way, way more often than they succeed. You don’t go out to catch permit, you go out to find them and have a shot.

I’m not there yet.

This post from the Yellow Dog blog will give you a bit of a sense of the permit angler.

The black tail.

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  1. I once heard a guide comment, ” If permit jumped like tarpon and ate like bonefish, saltwater fly fishermen would fish for nothing else.” True or not I don’t know. But, if there is a greater challenge in salt water, I’ve yet to find it.

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