Tag, you’re a Permit

Building on the data gathering goodness from their bonefish tagging program, the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust has launched a Permit tagging program with the support of Costa Del Mar.  Seems things kicked off on March 15th while I was away paying attention to other things.

Thanks Costa del Mar

Here is what BTT has to say about it:

Costa Del Mar has agreed to fund and support a multi-year, statewide tagging study of Permit in Florida.  A donation of $15,000 in the first year will allow us to purchase thousands of tags and materials for tagging kits, and will go a long way toward researching permit movements and the fishery.

Seems Costa Del Mar is doing some pretty interesting things these days between this investment in Permit research in Florida and their recent short film about Permit/salty goodness in Belize.

Only good stuff can ensue

The hope really is to build the body of knowledge about Permit.  If you want to preserve Permit, or Bonefish or Tarpon, you need to know what they need, where they go and where they breed so you know where to focus your efforts.  This is a great step forward.

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