Those Currents of Belize

Costa del Mar makes some sunglasses that are pretty good, from what I  understand.  They just recently put their weight behind a movie project about Belize, the fly fishing guides who make their  living there and the pressures of development.  The flick is called “Currents of Belize” and it was made by Bradley Beesley for Costa del Mar.

In the movie Abbie Marin scores a Grand Slam, the only  appearance of a bonefish with a much heavier focus on permit in the movie.

The guides shown in the video are from Blue Horizon Lodge and Go Fish Belize.

The rates are pretty good with Go Fish Belize  at $300 for a full day of bonefishing.

Costa del Mar is teaming up with the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust to launch a Permit tagging program in Florida to gather more information about Permit.  This should be some really important and interesting research and I commend Costa del Mar for stepping up to provide the funds necessary.

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  1. Bjorn, thanks so much for sharing this film with your readers. We hope it sparks more conversation about the development issues taking place in Belize. Thanks for your support!

  2. […] that YOU buy these glasses. If you do, you’ll be supporting a company that has gotten behind conservation in Belize and the upcoming film project project Itu’s Bones, just to name a couple of their very cool […]

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