Aug 11

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

On May 31st Mike Berardi, fishing out of the Belize River Lodge with Pedro as his guide, caught a bonefish that I had caught and tagged on March 19th, the first recapture of a tagged bonefish in Belize.

via Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.

Tagged bones are beginning to be recaptured.  This is a good thing. Recaptures tell us all sorts of things about growth rates and fish movements and from there policies can be developed that really help the fish.

Way to go Bonefish and Tarpon Trust!

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Aug 11

Bonefish Flat interviews Aaron Adams

The Bonefish Flat recently ran an interview with Aaron Adams… one of my favorite guys.  Aaron, of course, is the Director for the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, a fine organization you should all be supporting (yes, I’m looking at YOU… that is… if you don’t already).

You can also read my interview of Aaron here.

Aaron is amazing in that he is a very busy guy, but seems to always make time for questions.  He’s super accessible and easy to talk to… just don’t expect him to divulge any secret places!

Jun 11

A view you don’t get to see

This nugget is from Bonefish Guru, Aaron Adams.  Just watch those bones coming along, sticking their nose in the sand… mudding right there for the camera.

There really do seem to be some different sized bonefish in there with the difference between the biggest and smallest being a few pounds.

What a joy just to watch those fish do what they do.



May 11

Chico doing it right at MidCurrent

With some practice and experience, all the questions and answers will become second nature so that you are simply “doing” as much as thinking about what you are doing. And when you finally slip your hand over that big fat bonefish, the feeling of accomplishment is great. After taking a few thousand bonefish myself over many years, I still don’t take any part of the pursuit for granted.

via “Close to the Bone” | MidCurrent.


This photo was in a post about bonefishing written by good ole’ Chico.  I’m glad (and I bet Aaron is glad) that when it came time to select a photo of Chico with a bonefish they picked this one… the fish in the water, the release likely to be a good one, the fish probably surviving.

May 11

Bonefish Handling Week – From the Pro

Alright, I told Aaron Adams that I’d make this week’s posts all about handling bonefish correctly… so… that’s what I’m going to do.  Monday to Friday will be dedicated to showing fish being handled and released well.

As far as the catching part goes, just fish as heavy a tippet as you can and have enough drag to make progress in getting the fish in.  Don’t overplay the fish… that’s a pretty easy concept.

In terms of the release portion of the issue goes you just have to be aware that every little bit longer you keep the fish out of the water increases the likelihood that it will get munched on when it is released.  These aren’t trout.  Just because it swims away doesn’t mean everything is OK.  If it swims away, but is tired… well… the odds that a cuda or shark will eat it go up a fair bit.

Here’s Dr. Adams…

Mar 11

Aaron Adams on Fly Size

A bit on fly selection when it comes to size, from the guru of bonefish, Aaron Adams.  This is particularly important given my upcoming trip to Andros.

No matter the size of the bonefish, the tendency will be to eat whatever will fit in the mouth and down the gullet. Bonefish live in a world where a lot of work is required to eat enough to keep their engine running. All of that grubbing in the bottom and eating prey with shells means that for every piece of good food they also ingest undigestibles like sediment and shells. So a bigger meal with less work presents a great advantage.

via Aaron Adams, fly fishing, flies, tarpon, snook, redfish, travel, fly fishing books.

I want to be Aaron when I grow up.

OK... that's a #1... should be a rather big meal there.

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Jan 11

Reading Mangrove Flats – Aaron Adams via Deneki

Aaron sent us this video about evaluating mangrove flats as bonefish habitat, and we knew we had to pass it on.

In the video, Aaron covers these points and more.

* Evaluating bottom structure.

* The significance of algae growth on the bottom and on mangrove roots.

* Signs of other life on the flats.

via Reading Mangrove Flats | Bonefish Habitat.

Hot damn.  Check it out. Go to the link above.

Dec 10

Florida Fly Fishing Magazine Welcomes Dr. Aaron Adams

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.  Mine was lovely.  Here’s some lovely news about Dr. Adams doing some writing for Florida Fly Fishing Magazine.


Marine biologist Dr. Aaron Adams, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Operations Director and Senior Scientist for Mote Marine Laboratory, joins Florida Fly Fishing Magazine with a focus on marine conservation and environmental issues.

via Florida Fly Fishing Magazine Welcomes Dr. Aaron Adams (this is the press release).

Florida Fly Fishing Magazine – this is the actual website.

Dec 10

Bonefish Release by Aaron Adams

Aaron Adams… Director of Operations for BTT… yeah, the guy knows bonefish.  He put this together, which is just a joy to watch.


Nov 10

Bonefish and Tides, Aaron Adams, Deneki

Aaron Adams did a fantastic bit for Deneki on bonefish and tides over at the Deneki blog.  Check it out.

Aaron Adams is one of the leading authorities on bonefish science. He’s the Director of Operations for Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, one of the organizations out there at the forefront of research on bonefish. Even better, Aaron’s an angler himself, and that means he’s written some great science pieces that can also help you catch fish!

via Bonefish and Tides | Aaron Adams from Bonefish and Tarpon Trust.