May 12

Bonefish Shirt Week – Black Fly Outfitters

OK… bonefish AND Kalik?  Yeah… a winner from Black Fly Outfitter and Vaughn Cochran.

You can find this shirt here.

Well done Vaughn... I own this one, FYI.

Jan 11

Call for Artists from the Bimini Big Game Club

For those who love fishing skinny water and have an artistic bent, the legendary Bimini Big Game Club is putting out a call for online submissions for a virtual boat parade to be celebrated as part of the inaugural Bonefish Bimini Challenge‹scheduled for February 25th.

via BYM Marine & Maritime News.

My artistic energies are largely tied to stick figures and crude representations of bonefish to entertain my daughter.  If you happen to be a few dozen notches above me in the awesomeness of your artistic abilities, this may just be for you.

Check it out.  Go to the Bimini Big Game Club to submit your entry.

Apr 10

Turtles on Abaco

Given my recent experience with turtles down in Mexico, I was intrigued to find a post about turtles and poachers on the Black Fly Outfitters blog.

Basically, there is now a price on the heads of the total douchebags that are pilfering turtle nests in Abaco.

“Nesting Giant Sea Turtles in South Abaco Face a Real Threat From Human Interference & Pilfering of
Nest Eggs – Cash Reward Now Offered to Help Find Culprits” (Link added)


I’ve said it before, one of the best things about fly fishing is how it connects you to the environment of the places you do your fishing.  You come into contact with environments and creatures you’ve never seen before and you get to know the issues facing these places and animals.  Maybe I wouldn’t care about turtles if I hadn’t seen one lay eggs in Vallarta.  I did, though, and now this feels a bit more like my issue than it would have otherwise.

Hope they find the bastard(s) responsible.

Mar 10

Black Fly in Abaco

Black Fly Bonefish Club in Abaco looks like a place I’d like to visit.  One of the handful of places that has really embraced social/on-line media, Blackfly also has a blog, a Facebook page and a Twitter account… not including Youtube efforts like the one below.

Abaco, the Bahamian island just north east of Grand Bahama, was the site of Pirates of the Flats, so if you’ve watched that (and I have), you have an idea of what the water looks like there.  It doesn’t suck.

Nov 09

Deneki gives an update, Black Fly Reports Pig

Deneki Outdoors… see, they are just wired… in with the whole “internet revolution” or whatever.  I saw their latest report from Andros South pop up and wanted to send it on to all you non-Twitterati.

The other item that caught my eye from Twitter today was from Black Fly, a lodge in Abaco.  The sweet tweet reported a THIRTY INCH bonefish caught by some lucky SOB named David.

The Bonefish Adventure website has a length to weight estimation table that puts a 30 inch fish at fifteen pounds.  Nice.