Turtles on Abaco

Given my recent experience with turtles down in Mexico, I was intrigued to find a post about turtles and poachers on the Black Fly Outfitters blog.

Basically, there is now a price on the heads of the total douchebags that are pilfering turtle nests in Abaco.

“Nesting Giant Sea Turtles in South Abaco Face a Real Threat From Human Interference & Pilfering of
Nest Eggs – Cash Reward Now Offered to Help Find Culprits” (Link added)


I’ve said it before, one of the best things about fly fishing is how it connects you to the environment of the places you do your fishing.  You come into contact with environments and creatures you’ve never seen before and you get to know the issues facing these places and animals.  Maybe I wouldn’t care about turtles if I hadn’t seen one lay eggs in Vallarta.  I did, though, and now this feels a bit more like my issue than it would have otherwise.

Hope they find the bastard(s) responsible.

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