Aug 10

Restoring Palmyra Atoll – NYTimes.com

Back the 4th of July I posted up a little story about bonefish on the far-far away atoll of Palmyra in the South Pacific.  The New York Times has finally caught up with my semi-journalistic prowess and put up a great little story about the atoll, complete with some links to some more conservation goodness.  Check it out.

United States Fish and Wildlife Service and Palmyra Atoll Research Consortium institutions hope to restore the lagoon system. Researchers have mapped changes in the atoll through time and are measuring water flow and the amount of silt suspended in the water to determine how these factors affect biodiversity.

via World War II Still Shapes Atoll’s Ecosystem – Scientist at Work Blog – NYTimes.com.

There's bones there.

That's US soil there.