Aug 10

A coming together of favorite things

(First, just a note, you can be entered to win some Skinny Water Culture gear by emailing me the account of your first bonefish. bonefishonthebrain@gmail.com)

As you may have guessed, I dig Skinny Water Culture gear.  So, I was really excited to read on their blog about a bonefishing trip and a re-capture of a bonefish tag.

I think he's from Texas

Nice fish and nice tag.

They got word back about the fish and it’s 658 days between tagging and recapture.  Awesome.

Bonefish tagging… it’s important stuff.  The Bonefish & Tarpon Trust does tagging as does the Bonefish & Tarpon Research Center at the University of Miami.  Keep up the good work guys!

Aug 10

Bonefish and Tarpon Conservation Research, or Why Michael Larkin is Awesome

I got a package from bonefish and tarpon researcher Michael Larkin the other day… it had in it two things that = totally ruling.

First, it had a bonefish tongue. That’s right… the tongue of a bonefish.  This bonefish didn’t get into hot water, it got into cold water, in Florida, back in January, and it died. It is an amazing thing.

Not a licker

Tongue... bonefish tongue.


This was the last thing a few crabs and shimp ever saw.

The second thing in the package was a shirt.  It was important for a couple reasons… I needed to do laundry and it is a shirt supporting the Bonefish & Tarpon Research Center at the Rosenstiel School at the  University of Miami.

Damn, I look goooooood.

Buy this shirt. Support these people.  Check out the research.

Get the shirt!

Here's a shirt you need to own.

Find the shirt at Bonefish&Tarpon Conservation Research.