Bonefish and Tarpon Conservation Research, or Why Michael Larkin is Awesome

I got a package from bonefish and tarpon researcher Michael Larkin the other day… it had in it two things that = totally ruling.

First, it had a bonefish tongue. That’s right… the tongue of a bonefish.  This bonefish didn’t get into hot water, it got into cold water, in Florida, back in January, and it died. It is an amazing thing.

Not a licker

Tongue... bonefish tongue.


This was the last thing a few crabs and shimp ever saw.

The second thing in the package was a shirt.  It was important for a couple reasons… I needed to do laundry and it is a shirt supporting the Bonefish & Tarpon Research Center at the Rosenstiel School at the  University of Miami.

Damn, I look goooooood.

Buy this shirt. Support these people.  Check out the research.

Get the shirt!

Here's a shirt you need to own.

Find the shirt at Bonefish&Tarpon Conservation Research.

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  1. That bonefish tongue sort of looks like an old – dehydrated bunch of salmon eggs I have in my freezer from my baitfishing days…


  2. It’s a cool thing to look at… I just need to keep my pre-schooler from destroying it.

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