Truckee River… no bonefish

I went looking for bonefish in the Truckee River yesterday with my friend John.  Sadly, I didn’t find any.  I did find some rainbows and browns, however.  In traditional fashion, the big fish came unbuttoned.  C’est la vie.

I will keep looking for bonefish in my CA rivers until I get to look for them on Grand Bahama, Jan. 14-18.  The countdown continues.

Truckee Brown, playing with streamers

Truckee Brown, playing with streamers


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  1. Bjorn,
    Glad you got out!

    I get my flats fix here in the PNW stalking carp on the flats. It’s a FANTASTIC challenge that I’d think you would enjoy.

    Take care,

  2. Thanks Chris. Ya know, I’m SURE I’d enjoy it. I need to find a place around here where I can do it. We have lots of warm water options here in the Sierra Foothills, some of them HAVE to have carp. I’m just glad I got out… it had been two months since I’d been out, which is just silly.


  3. B-
    Check out carponthefly.blogspot and themrpblog.blogspot as both are loaded with great carping information.

    Guys give me a hard time for chasing them instead of trout fishing…oh well, it’s sight casting to fish that are tough and pull like crazy. Plus, it’s a great tune up for the tropical destinations.

  4. Thanks, I’ll do that. I love trout, but I’m no purist. I’ll take a nice smallie any day… top water for a LMB is a blast… I’m equal opportunity. It is just easier to go trout fishing… I know the game, I am pretty sure to catch more than a couple fish and I have the gear and know the flies. I’d love to learn more about carp though… that’s one of the things that has really got me going about bonefish… it is a whole new world full of stuff I have no idea about. Learning is good.


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