Out of the way places

There are so many places to fish… really… SO many places, but it seems the folks who book those trips tend to send anglers to the same places.  There are plenty of outfitters who book Andros and Mexico and even Christmas or the Seychelles.  While there are so many places to fish, you have to search a bit to find an outfit that will take you some place new.

One place that isn’t on everyone’s list is Guanaja Lodge… in Honduras.

Honduras doesn’t usually rise to the top when you start talking about fly fishing destinations for bonefish.  Really, I don’t think I’ve heard it come up in casual conversation with more than one or two people… and I talk about bonefish a lot (so much it tends to annoy people).

Yup… that’s from Honduras.

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  1. We’re heading to Exuma in Mid-March. Where is your favorite bonefishing destination?

  2. Hello Bonefish on the Brain!
    This is Steve Brown, owner and operator of Fly Fish Guanaja and I wanted to thank you for the shout out about Guanaja on facebook. Who are you guys?? It would be great to have you at our lodge . . . tight lines, Steve steve@flyfishguanaja.com

  3. Well, at this point, Andros… but there are soooo many places to go.

  4. This is THE spot for remote, wilderness vacation with “Bonefish on your Brain”. Oh yea, This place is infested with permit too. Fish an entire week and not see another fly fisherman, thats my idea of peace.
    3 Guanaja Permit under my belt, and going back this spring for some more.

  5. I’m there. If you can just get someone to look after my two kids and tell my wife it’s for science I’m cool for a 10 day jag.

  6. I saw a you tube vid a few years back about a guy fly fishing for baby tarpon in narrow channels. It looked superb and thats something I’d like to try in addition to bonefishing. Any decent lodges out there you know of that will help with the grandslammo? Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qr3vwuMi0kU&feature=youtube_gdata_player. Ok so it wasn’t Honduras but it may have been the Yucatan area so you get my point! Enjoy!

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