Aug 12

Comment of the year… thus far.

Got this comment today on a piece about how much Jet Skis suck.

Glad to see other humans sharing my feelings against this disgrace – and pointing at legal or environmental arguments to curb it. What a cretin’s toy! Ugly looking, ugly sounding, and polluting. They look like farting toads crouching on a dildo.

Nice… very nice. Comment of the year thus far.

Jul 11

I hate jet skis too

The Port Department this week met with New Providence jet ski operators to outline policies to “deal with the nuisance” their craft cause, with Exuma-based bonefishing guides warning that efforts to establish similar businesses on their island could jeopardise the $13 million earnings they have generated over the last 15 years.

via The Tribune.

Seems some folks in the Bahamas are none too keen on Jet Skis mucking up the bonefishing business. I can’t say I blame them.

I don’t get the point of a jet ski. They are loud, stir up the bottom and generally annoy anyone who isn’t riding one at the time.

Hitler liked Jet Skis… just say’n.