Comment of the year… thus far.

Got this comment today on a piece about how much Jet Skis suck.

Glad to see other humans sharing my feelings against this disgrace – and pointing at legal or environmental arguments to curb it. What a cretin’s toy! Ugly looking, ugly sounding, and polluting. They look like farting toads crouching on a dildo.

Nice… very nice. Comment of the year thus far.



  1. I can’t top the description given, but I agree in general. There is a place for jet skis, I’m just not sure where that might be. They are loud and annoying to anyone trying to enjoy the outdoors. There are other things like jet boats equipped with stereo systems so loud you can hear them from across the ocean. I don’t really like snowmobiles or dirt bikes for the same reason, although they can be useful tools to people under the right circumstances.

  2. Did you see these things around the Bay associated with the America’s Cup series race-thing?

  3. Oh boy… a new way to shatter the tranquility of the flats.

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