Nov 11

Fishpond… kind of awesome.

OK… thanks to Fishpond for sending me a Low Tide Lumbar pack for my upcoming Hawaii Trip.  I’ve long been a fan of their gear, so it was great to test drive this latest version of their lumbar pack (I’m not calling it a fanny pack). I have the earlier generation and it has put a lot of miles in with me.

The Low Tide Lumbar Pack from Fishpond

So, first the important stuff.  This pack fits two of my big fly boxes.  That is essential.  If they don’t fit, it won’t be a useful pack to me.  This pack fits.  So… we are off to a good start.

They fit and the zipper can still zip.

Another REALLY cool thing was that looking at the tag on the pack I saw that it was very short on the normal marketing drivel and it was instead a place to help spread word on a really important issue… the slaughter of sharks in our oceans.

That's www.protectsharks.org


I say… well played Fishpond… very well played.  Check out Protect Sharks.