Mar 15

Lies and Statistics

There is a new-to-me on-line fly fishing magazine called Tail that I got turned onto to see an article by Michael Larkin (yeah, he’s a Ph.D.). The article is all about bringing statistics to break down the elements that influence if you are going to catch a bonefish or not.

Fishing is good.

Fishing is good.

It is an interesting read, looking at data from Keys fishing tournaments over a number of years. This may, or may not apply to your average day on the water, but it does provide some food for thought.

What are the elements that matter the most? Experience of your guide? Your own experience? Wind? Cloud cover? Moon phase? It all gets put into the mix.

Check it out. (I think you have to register to see it, but you can do so for free)

Mar 13

Belize Tagging Challenge

I’ll always be a fan of scientist Michael Larkin. After all, he did send me this:


That is a bonefish tongue

Well, Michael is still out there, still doing good things for bonefish and for fish in general and he’s going to be down in Belize at Belize River Lodge, along with the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust and Frontiers Travel, to host the second annual Belize River Lodge Bonefish and Permit Tagging Challenge. This will be from May 18 to May 25.

Sounds like a good time, no?  Here’s how the first one went.

Check it out and go if you can. Good fishing for a good cause.


Aug 10

Bonefish and Tarpon Conservation Research, or Why Michael Larkin is Awesome

I got a package from bonefish and tarpon researcher Michael Larkin the other day… it had in it two things that = totally ruling.

First, it had a bonefish tongue. That’s right… the tongue of a bonefish.  This bonefish didn’t get into hot water, it got into cold water, in Florida, back in January, and it died. It is an amazing thing.

Not a licker

Tongue... bonefish tongue.


This was the last thing a few crabs and shimp ever saw.

The second thing in the package was a shirt.  It was important for a couple reasons… I needed to do laundry and it is a shirt supporting the Bonefish & Tarpon Research Center at the Rosenstiel School at the  University of Miami.

Damn, I look goooooood.

Buy this shirt. Support these people.  Check out the research.

Get the shirt!

Here's a shirt you need to own.

Find the shirt at Bonefish&Tarpon Conservation Research.