Oct 12

Gear from Belize – The Sage Response

The Sage Response is both what you’d expect from Sage and something unexpected from Sage.

First, the color and feel of the rod are classic Sage. It felt like casting one of the old RPL’s, which is a great rod. The blank is the same color as those classics, the RPL and RPL+, of which I own one of each (7 and 5 respectively). The rod cast well as I searched for both baby and adult tarpon. Maybe too well, as I dropped more than a couple casts right on the heads of tarpon who were really not game for that sort of thing.

I wish I could tell you how well it handled a long fight with a tarpon… but, yeah, the longest I lasted was 2 jumps, which was not so long as I would have liked. I made the casts though. Tomas, my guide, even said my casting was good, which was a good thing to hear and some solace on a day with no landed tarpon.


What you might not expect is that this rod is $395, putting it in “the Bjorn zone” of pricing. The Sage One is one hell of a rod, but you could buy two Responses for that amount to fill the gaps in your arsenal (somehow I still don’t own my own 10 wt.).

It’s a well made rod, you feel the quality in your hand. It’s made in the USA, which is nice and unusual for a $400 rod.

Looking 12 and the fish came at 9. Such is life. Me, casting the Response.

Well done Sage… well done.

I’ll say it was also a nice rod to have between your toes.

Sep 12

The last piece of the puzzle for Belize

The last piece of gear I needed came today… a 10 wt. Sage Response loaner. I’ve put on the Lamson Lightspeed and a clear int. sink and I have in mind mangrove channels and baby tarpon. I close my eyes and see a 25 pound “baby” emerging from the leafy darkness, frantic casting, the fly landing close, the fish seeing it, charging, opening it’s dumptruck mouth and inhaling the fly, quickly turning away, and then the chaos. Holding the line tight to keep the fish from running into the mangroves and ruining all hope, the fish will leap, high and repeatedly, putting holes into the still water with every jump and crash. The fish will be subdued, maybe not the first, but I’m hoping the 4th or 5th shot might stick. I’m predicting some shrieks from the newly minted Mrs., and I’m expecting awe and if it comes together, I’ll have it, because it is that kind of experience, it inspires and commands awe.

That’s what I have in my mind. That’s what I want to not only experience, but share.